What Is The All On X Treatment?

a dentist painting a full mouth all on x dental prosthetic implant model.

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Having a beautiful smile can certainly be a great feature to have. However, for those who have missing teeth, or those who have teeth that are damaged, misshaped, or even discolored, a trusted dental professional can assess the patient’s teeth to determine which treatment option could be best for them. The All-On-X dental implants in New Bedford, MA are a great tooth replacement option to replace a full arch of missing teeth with.

How Are All-On-X Dental Implants Placed?

With All-On-X dental implants in New Bedford, MA, four to eight dental implant posts can be used to restore a patient’s smile. Dental implants are screw-like posts that are typically made from the material titanium. The dental implant posts are strategically placed in the patient’s jawbone, where they function like natural tooth roots.

Over time, the dental implant posts will fuse with the patient’s jawbone, creating a strong foundation for the dental prosthetic to be placed on. All-On-X dental implants are a long-term full arch tooth replacement option that can improve a patient’s oral health, appearance, and overall quality of life.

Can I Enhance My All-On-X Dental Implant Placement With The Yomi® Robot?

When people with a full arch of missing teeth go to a state-of-the-art office to replace them, the expert team will utilize the Yomi® Robot to give them a reliable and trusted All-On-X dental implant procedure. The Yomi Robot is a doctor-assisted robot that guides the dental professional’s hand to give patients 100% predictable and accurate All-On-X dental implant placements.

The Yomi robot does this by creating a 3D plan of the patients mouth in order for the dental professional to place the All-On-X dental implants in a safe, clean, and precise way. By working with Yomi technology, the patient will get their All-On-X dental implants precisely placed.

What Are The Benefits That Come From Getting Treated With All-On-X Dental Implants In New Bedford, MA?

All-On-X dental implants can benefit peoples smiles when they have a full arch of missing teeth because they have a long lifespan and will not wear out from normal chewing. They do not require to be removed and they are a permanent tooth replacement option. All-On-X dental implants are a great alternative to traditional dentures that can become ill-fitting and move around in the patient’s mouth, causing them discomfort.

All-On-X dental implants can give patients a more stable bite, a restored smile, and a reduction in bone loss. Since All-On-X dental implants are customizable, they can be a great, personalized approach for people to replace their full arch of missing teeth with.

What Makes Me A Candidate For All-On-X Dental Implants?

Candidates for All-On-X dental implants are generally those who have lost most or all of their natural teeth in their upper arch, lower arch, or both arches. Adequate jawbone density is crucial for the success of All-On-X dental implants because they need to support and stabilize the patients strategically placed dental implants.

Those who have significant jawbone loss can still become a candidate for All-On-X dental implants with a bone grafting procedure. Bone grafting restores a patient’s jawbone density so that they can be successfully treated with All-On-X dental implants.

Candidates for All-On-X dental implants should also have good oral health. Active gum disease (periodontitis) or untreated tooth decay can compromise the success of the treatment. It is important to address any existing dental issues before proceeding with the All-On-X procedure.

Furthermore, overall health plays a significant role in determining people’s candidacy for All-On-X dental implants. Certain medical conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes, immune disorders, or untreated heart conditions can impact the healing process and increase the risk of complications in a patients All-On-X procedure. The dental professional will assess each patients oral and overall health status to ensure they are the right fit for the treatment.


Come To Our Office So You Can Replace Your Missing Teeth With All-On-X

Don’t wait to replace your missing or damaged teeth with All-On-X. With this advanced dental procedure, you can replace your full arch of missing teeth, allowing you to chew, bite, speak, and smile with ease.

Don’t hesitate to improve the look, health, and function of your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Sathish G. Palayam, Dr. Minal Narayan, Dr. Marva Khalid, Dr. Michael F. Moynihan, Dr. Adam Wood Gray, and our exceptional team at our Aarohi Dental PC office to schedule an appointment today!

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