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A Cutting-Edge Approach to Dental Implant Perfection

Dental implants offer a permanent, restorative solution to missing teeth and other severe oral health problems. However, the surgical process of placing full mouth dental implants is complex. Incredible precision is required to accurately place implant post(s) while avoiding sensitive anatomical features such as nerves, sinuses, and adjacent teeth. In the event a surgeon makes an error placing dental implants, the effects can be costly for the patient – both literally and figuratively. Dental implant repair and/or replacement can become prohibitively expensive very quickly, and incorrectly placed implants can cause pain, discomfort, and swelling for weeks on end. With Yomi Robot Assisted Surgery at Aarohi Dental in New Bedford, MA, perfect dental implant placement is all but guaranteed. Our cutting edge, collaborative robotics system makes implant surgery minimally invasive, and allows for faster healing, less time in the operating room, and decades of nearly maintenance-free use.

How Yomi Robot Assisted Surgery Works

Guided dental implant surgery with the Yomi robot system begins with pre-operative planning and advanced, state-of-the-art CT imaging. First, we create a vastly detailed 3D landscape of the patient’s oral and facial architecture. Next, our world-renowned team of dentists and oral surgeons plan the surgery down to the hundredth of a millimeter using the integrative, collaborative Yomi robotics system. This detailed digital planning and calibration allows our Aarohi Dental team to perform surgery the very same day that the patient walks into our New Bedford, MA office. During surgery, the Yomi implant robot provides real time visual guidance and 3D graphics to help the surgeon navigate sensitive oral structures, thereby reducing pain and discomfort for the patient. Operating in a micro-controlled GPS environment, the Yomi robotic arm provides intra-operative tracking and unparalleled accuracy over the duration of the surgery. By guiding the surgeon into precise, pre-calibrated angles and position, Yomi Robot Assisted Surgery prevents even the slightest deviation from the pre-operative plan, and all but eliminates the potential for human error.
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Faster Surgery, Faster Healing, Less Pain

Another key feature of the Yomi dental implant robot is physical guidance via haptic robotic technology. With haptic guidance, the oral surgeon is able to achieve precision that is simply unattainable with normal movements of the human hand. Yomi physically constrains the dentist’s drill movement to match the pre-calibrated 3D plan, and stops the drill after achieving appropriate depth for implant placement. What does this all mean for the patient? It means a minimally invasive surgical process, a flapless approach, faster surgery, quicker and more efficient healing, and vastly improved results over all compared to traditional full mouth dental implant surgery. And most of all, it means less pain and improved restorative outcomes.

Benefits of Yomi Robot Assisted Surgery

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Seamless Digital Integration for Unparalelled Precision

To summarize, Yomi Robot Assisted Surgery provides dentists with a visual 3D visual landscape that guides movements through the entire course of the dental implant procedure. Using high-precision robotic technology, Yomi assisted surgeries result in virtually error-free dental implant placement, every single time. On the patient’s behalf, this translates to a smooth, efficient, nearly pain-free experience with faster healing time compared to traditional implant surgery. In a fraction of the time, Yomi Robot Assisted Surgery will have you walking out of our New Bedford, MA dental office with newfound confidence and perfect, stunning new smile.

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