Preparing For Your Full Mouth Reconstruction In New Bedford, MA? Here Is What A Full Mouth Reconstruction Looks Like

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When people are experiencing problems with their teeth or overall oral health, then they will want to go to a dental professional to get treated with a full mouth reconstruction in New Bedford, MA. Depending on the dental problems or imperfections people have, they can get treated with customized orthodontic, dental implant, and/or cosmetic full mouth reconstruction procedures.

Want to learn more about what a full mouth reconstruction procedure looks like? Here’s a detailed look at what a full mouth reconstruction looks like.


What A Full Mouth Reconstruction In New Bedford, MA Looks Like

While a full mouth reconstruction procedure is personalized to each patient’s specific smile, there are some steps that happen in every full mouth reconstruction procedure. No matter if people need orthodontic, dental implant, cosmetic dentistry or all three types of full mouth reconstruction procedures, patients can get the exact new smile of their dreams with this advanced treatment.

The following shows what happens in each step of a full mouth reconstruction procedure:

The Consultation

A full mouth reconstruction begins with an initial consultation with a dental professional. During this consultation, the dental professional will discuss with the patient their specific dental concerns, expectations, and goals.

Comprehensive Examination

To create a personalized full mouth reconstruction treatment plan for each patient, a comprehensive examination of their oral health is done. This typically includes a detailed assessment of the patient’s teeth, gums, and jawbone. X-rays and other diagnostic tools may be employed to get a clear understanding of the patient’s current dental condition.

Treatment Planning

Once the dental professional has gathered all the necessary information that they need about the patient’s teeth and oral structures, they’ll begin the process of crafting a customized full mouth reconstruction treatment plan designed to address their unique needs. This plan is the roadmap for the patient’s full mouth reconstruction journey, outlining the procedures required to achieve their dental health and aesthetic goals.

Orthodontic Considerations

In some cases, orthodontic treatment may be the first step to restoring a patient’s smile. If a patient’s teeth require to be realigned, traditional braces or Invisalign® clear aligners may be recommended to correct issues with their dental bite and alignment.

Dental Implants

Dental implants may also be needed as part of a patient’s full mouth reconstruction procedure. A dental implant is used to replace one or more missing teeth and it securely holds a dental crown (prosthesis) in place. The dental implant options patients can specifically get treated with are single dental implants, implant supported dentures, and full mouth dental implants.

Cosmetic Procedures

Depending on each patient’s smile goals, various cosmetic procedures may be integrated into their full mouth reconstruction treatment. The types of cosmetic dentistry procedures patients can get treated with are porcelain veneers, tooth crowns, and teeth whitening. These cosmetic dentistry procedures enhance the look of the patients smile.

Multiple Appointments

Full mouth reconstructions are typically not accomplished in a single visit. The patient will need to plan for multiple appointments in order to complete all of their necessary procedures. The duration of the full mouth reconstruction procedure process depends on the complexity of the patient’s case and the specific treatments needed to restore their smile.

Treatment Recovery and Maintenance

Each full mouth reconstruction procedure the patient has, will have its own recovery timeline. Following the dental professional’s post-operative care procedure instructions is crucial. The patient will also be advised on how to maintain their new smile through regular oral hygiene practices and routine dental check-ups.

Monitoring Progress

Throughout the patient’s full mouth reconstruction procedure process, the dental professional will monitor their progress, making any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan as needed.


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