After Getting A Zirconia Fixed Bridge In New Bedford, MA, How Can It Benefit Me?

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When people have missing teeth that they want to replace with a reliable tooth replacement option or they want to upgrade their smile from traditional dentures, then a zirconia fixed bridge in New Bedford, MA could be right for them. A zirconia fixed bridge can provide patients long-lasting benefits that will last them for years. Here are some of the amazing benefits that patients can benefit from with a zirconia fixed bridge.

How Does A Zirconia Fixed Bridge In New Bedford, MA Benefit Me?

The zirconia bridge in a zirconia fixed bridge procedure is made from a solid block of zirconia, which is one of the strongest materials in dentistry. Not only is a zirconia bridge biocompatible and metal-free, it is also naturally tooth colored and can be custom designed to fit every patient’s individual smile.


When patients get treated with a zirconia fixed bridge, they get a reliable new smile that is custom made just for them, nonporous, and durable. What’s more, zirconia fixed bridges are stain and odor resistant. They also will not chip or break.

A zirconia bridge is securely fixed to a patient’s jawbone with full mouth dental implants. When the four or more dental implants are securely placed in the patient’s jawbone, the dental implant post fuses with the patient’s natural jawbone, giving them a permanent new smile that they can trust.


With a zirconia fixed bridge, patients can maintain their normal diet, speak in comfort, and smile with confidence. A zirconia fixed bridge can give people the beautiful and functional smile of their dreams.

Why Should I Choose To Get Treated With A Zirconia Fixed Bridge Over Traditional Dentures?

While a zirconia fixed bridge is stabilized in a patient’s mouth with dental implants, giving patients a natural looking and durable new smile, traditional dentures are not a permanent tooth replacement option.


Traditional dentures are not stabilized to the patient’s jawbone, they just sit on top of the patient’s gums. Since they don’t have a stable foundation to rest on, so they can move around and fall out of a patient’s mouth. Without dental implants, when people wear traditional dentures their jawbone can begin to deteriorate.

Come To Our Office For Your Zirconia Fixed Bridge

Are you ready to permanently restore the look and function of your smile with a zirconia fixed bridge? You should come to our modern, advanced, and caring office for a consultation so we can make you a personalized zirconia fixed bridge treatment plan.


Get in contact with Dr. Sathish G. Palayam and our exceptional team at our Aarohi Dental PC office to schedule an appointment today! We have the advanced techniques and technologies to give you the smile of your dreams.

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